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The New Math of Retirement

Financial Planning – The New Math of Retirement – Michael Greene, September 1, 2013 There have long been certain metrics—financial planning assumptions—that advisors have used in order to structure their clients’ portfolios to achieve a comfortable retirement. While the future

The real cost of (not having) LTCI – The real cost of (not having) LTCI – Mike Westling, October 28, 2013 Many clients who reject long-term care insurance (LTCI) or consider dropping their coverage do so on the argument that it’s too expensive. But that attitude

To Spend Money at Holiday Time or Save It?
With a Balanced Approach, Do Both

The holidays are about the spirit of giving — giving thanks, giving gifts to people we care about, giving charitably to those less fortunate than us. But as fulfilling as it feels to give, the reality is that many people

Got Goals? How Financial Planning — and
a Skilled Planner — Can Get You There

Like a GPS is to finding a destination, a business plan is to starting a business and architectural drawings are to building a home, financial planning shows an individual or a family how to turn vision into reality, how to